Saturday, July 30, 2016

Education for all; Adobo for all -P.J.Jamasali

Education for all; Adobo for all.

By P.J.Jamasali

Filipinos are known as hard working and loving people. We are bound in our rich culture and we cultivate them by preserving them for the future generation. We grew up in a society where education is valued,I  know every student can no longer say that the phrase "study hard my child, education is the only thing we could give you" or more like "education is the only thing you can inherit from us" are unfamiliar to them. Nevertheless, these phrases are no longer stranger to out ears, because it is true. Since we are talking about the precious treasure we could inherit from our hard working parents, some us of inherit the culture of our ancestors, I believe that all of us have this special recipe of the food we love.

When we are cooking, first we always need fire and that fire enables us to cook food. It should be heating up to burn hot enough for the food to be cooked, it is like the motivation. It serves as fire that keeps heating up so that whatever you do in school and in teaching, if you keep the fire burning then you can never get lost.
In cooking, we should have list of ingredients like in adobo. We need pork/chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onion, oil, water, laurel leaves, and so on and so forth. In education, we need a lot of discipline, dedication, effort, hard work, patience, flexibility etc. we must never ever miss one of these ingredients because adobo will never be adobo without any one of those on the list. It is in lined with education, if you miss one of those things, I guess you'll miss the important quality of being a good teacher for one cannot be called a good teacher if he/she doesn't value those quality.

When we cook adobo, we have to spend some time letting the meat to be tender this is the time where we must realize that not all food are instant. Not all things are instant, we must sacrifice our time. It enables us to grow, and always know that it may be a long period of time and a long narrow way to get to our paths, we'll still get there.

Upon simmering and serving, I bet you can smell the success of the food you had prepared. I know its been a long way down, its never easy but seeing yourself walking in a toga holding your diploma. That's one of the sweetest things you should celebrate because you made it!

Lastly, each and everyone of us have unique taste, not only because we have different tongues but it also the organ that enables us to taste things. 

Our taste buds is unique in a way we can determine different tastes: sourness, bitterness, saltiness and sweetness. When added up altogether, we come up with a perfect combination. Always remember adobo without love is not adobo, education without love is not education. We must share our adobo to all, as well as our knowledge and experiences to everybody to come up with a harmonious society. We must put up our hearts and soar higher to come up with a delicious taste of success.

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